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JyothishaDeepthiPanchangam is the best astrology software available if you are into Indian astrology. Jyotshia is the Hindu system of astrology. It is very much complex and different from the western systems. This is the oldest system, dating back to thousands of years ago.
Here, the date, year, and time (minutes and seconds) are important. Each of it can decide the unique character trait of a particular individual and his fate. The Vedic astrology and astronomy are related to each other. All the planets, the sun and the moon bring positive or negative characteristics.
Now, this software has almost all the features required to prepare a detailed horoscope. Just enter the details like the birth date, time, and place. Time correction is available and is easy to select with a lot of preset time zones according to the place name.
In India, almost all people believe in astrology. Since ancient times, this has been the basis on which marriages are decided. You have to compare the horoscopes of the couples who are going to get married and only if they match, the marriage will be successful. JyothishaDeepthiPanchangam can be used to store the details of as many people as we like. This is a must for marriage bureaus, especially if you are in Kerala, State of India. The program can compare the horoscopes of one person with many others so as to find a compatible couple. Its interface is available both in English and Malayalam, but not in Hindi.
It can produce a full horoscope with all the charts and diagrams, which can be understood by people without experience in this system. I really liked the detailed description the program gives explaining the various aspects or the position of the planets in our horoscope. It is very well programmed to generate the whole readings for about 150 years or so. We only have to scroll to the present year / month and read our results.
There is only one problem. This program will be quite hard to understand / read if you are not in Kerala or India. Also, according to this program, I cannot marry my girlfriend.

Zack Martin
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  • Chart comparison
  • Marriage Compatibility
  • Horoscope Compatibility analysis for many proposals
  • Proposal Printing
  • Real-Time Astrological Clock


  • Local words and jargon are difficult to understand
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